Who Can Join?

Who is LAHF?
Lansing Area Homeschool Families (LAHF) is a non-profit organization run by unpaid parent volunteers in the local Lansing area. We are not associated with any sort of umbrella school, business, religious organization, or anything else. We are simply a group of parents working together to build a stronger homeschooling community and a better homeschooling experience for our families. Please note that group communication occurs primarily on our Facebook groups. There are two Facebook groups: one group for everyone homeschooling and interested in homeschooling in the Lansing area, the other Facebook group is only for paid members of LAHF.
Click here to visit LAHF’s open group on Facebook
Click here to visit LAHF’s paid-members only group on Facebook

Is LAHF a Christian group?
No. We are an inclusive group made up of both religious and secular homeschoolers. We strongly encourage respect for all of our members, regardless of beliefs and/or methods.

If I’m a member of another local homeschool group, can I still join your group?
Absolutely, yes! In fact most of our members are members of multiple homeschooling groups, including our group leaders! Each local homeschooling group has something different to offer and being a member of multiple groups will give you a more well rounded homeschool experience.

What if I don’t live in Lansing?
That’s ok. When we say “Lansing Area” we mean Lansing AND the surrounding areas. If you live within drive able distance then we consider you in the “Lansing Area.” Many of our field trips are not within the Lansing city limits anyway. Just use your common sense about it. If you live in Grand Rapids or Okemos then you’re in the Lansing Area. If you’re in the Upper Peninsula then you’ll probably want to look for a group more local to you.

What if I’m not a homeschooler yet but I’m considering homeschooling in the future?
Please feel free to join. Many of our group members are experienced homeschoolers who would be happy to answer questions and help you get started in this journey. If you’re not sure if this group is right for you, check the flow chart at the bottom of this post.

What if I’m not a parent considering homeschooling but I offer a service that the local homeschoolers might like?
We welcome with open arms our community leaders, be you a soccer coach, dance instructor, math tutor, etc. Please introduce yourself to the group’s Facebook wall and let our parents know about your services. If you’re not sure if this group is right for you, check the flow chart at the bottom of this post.

What if I’m not currently homeschooling but I used to?
If you are a seasoned homeschooler (parent or graduated student) who is willing to answer questions and act as mentor to the newbies, then you are absolutely welcome in the group. We appreciate the knowledge and wisdom of those who have “been there and done that.”
If you’re not sure if this group is right for you, check the flow chart at the bottom of this post.

Can I join the group in the middle of the school year?
Yes, while the school year starts in August, we do accept new members throughout the year. Please be sure to contact any of the group leaders and let them know you are interested in joining mid-term, or just go to our membership page (click here to visit our membership page) and check out the membership options.

Is LAHF right for me Flowchart