If I’m a member of another local homeschool group, can I still join your group?
Absolutely, yes! In fact most of our members are members of multiple homeschooling groups, including our group leaders! Each local homeschooling group has something different to offer and being a member of multiple groups will give you a more well rounded homeschool experience.

Do you allow sales on your Facebook page?
Only if the item you are selling is related to homeschooling in some way. If you’re hosting a garage sale and want to post about it, please list the specific homeschool related items that you will be selling. If you selling a house, you may only list it on the Facebook page if it is in a homeschool-friendly area (ie, near libraries, museums, other homeschool families, etc.). Remember, the Facebook page is meant to be a homeschool support, not a swap meet. There are other local Facebook pages specifically meant for selling things.

When are my field trip fees due?
Field trip fees are due a minimum of two weeks before the event.

Do you have attendance requirements?
No, while we encourage our members to attend events, we do not require anyone to attend any event and we will not punish anyone for choosing to opt out of event sign up.
That said, if you sign up for an event, you will be expected to arrive to that event 15 minutes before the start time. If you are going to be late, or if you are going to be unable to attend the event, then we expect you to let the group leaders know ASAP so we can plan accordingly. If you consistently are “no call/no show” then we will have to discuss the matter further with you. It isn’t fair to our field trip venues nor to our fellow group members when attendance becomes  a constant issue.

If I pay for a field trip and then don’t attend, can I get refund?
Unless an event is canceled by group administration, there are no refunds.