Gym Days

When are gym days?
Gym days are the first Monday of every month September-May, UNLESS there is a holiday that Monday, in which case gym day will be rescheduled for the second Monday of the month. There will be an event page for every gym day in the LAHF Facebook group.

Where are gym days held?
Gym days occur at the Foster Community Center Gymnasium at 200 N Foster Ave Lansing MI 48912 (although this location may change during the upcoming year; stay tuned for changes!)

Do gym days cost money to attend?
No, gym days are free to attend. There is a donation jar at the entrance to the gym. We encourage members to drop in a bit of pocket change to be used towards group craft supplies and sports equipment but we do not require donations to enter.

Are gym days open to unpaid members?
Yes, gym days are open to both paid and unpaid members of LAHF.

What is the age range of children in attendance?
This varies month to month. Some months we might have a lot of preteens in attendance, other months we seem to have a lot of preschoolers participating. There usually is a large number of elementary aged children.
If you are concerned about making sure there are other children near your child(ren)’s age range, please post on the event page so others can let you know if they will be bringing similarly aged children.