Do I have to pay membership dues?
LAHF has two options for membership: paid and unpaid. Unpaid membership is, obviously, free. Paid membership dues are $10 per family, per year. Paid members get to go on more field trips and have specialty events, among other perks. Unpaid membership also some benefits, like being able to participate in service projects and gym days. To read more about the difference between paid and unpaid membership, click here.

What is my membership dues spent on?
Membership dues are used to cover venue rental fees ($35 per each gym day or indoor party, $70 per each outdoor party), supplies for activities at those events (art supplies, plates and utensils, game prizes, sports equipment, etc..), and fees associated with service projects (for instance, shipping to mail denim to Sole Hope to make shoes for children in Uganda cost $30; another example, the care kits for the homeless that we assemble are valued between $10-15 each and we passed out 47 of them last winter). We also have a scholarship fund to help local families in need of financial assistance to cover their membership and field trip fees. Group leaders are volunteers and do not receive any compensation for the time they donate to the group.

What if I can’t afford to pay the membership dues/field trip fee?
If finances are a concern for your family, please see Jennifer Fancher or Caitlyn Stock about the LAHF scholarship fund. We don’t want anyone to have to sit out if we can help it. Click here to read more about the LAHF Scholarship Fund.

What if I don’t want to pay a membership dues?
Thats ok. You can join our open Facebook group. You won’t have the same access to field trips and other specialty events as a paid member, but you may find other group aspects useful.

Do the field trips cost extra money?
LAHF leaders aim to keep costs as low as possible. For the 2015-2016 school year, we scheduled 20 field trips. Of these 20 field trips, 12 were FREE to attend. There were 8 field trips which cost money. The amount those field trips cost is decided by the field trip venue, not by the LAHF group leaders. We try to only schedule field trips at places that are free, or at least very low cost. Several of the paid field trips are only $2-3 to attend.
The exact cost of each field trip is listed, along with age recommendations for that event, on the Facebook event page.

If I pay for a field trip and then don’t attend, can I get refund?
Unless an event is canceled by group administration, there are no refunds.

How can I pay my membership dues?
Click here to pay your membership dues via PayPal, credit card, cash, or check.

How can I pay my field trip fees?
Click here to pay your field trip fees via PayPal, credit card, cash, or check.